Richelle Ramirez-Saldana

Founder, Designer, Director

Richelle is a hands on Project Manager with several years of residential + commercial design and build expertise. She ensures that each job is coordinated and efficiently scheduled to provide a smooth, successful construction experience for her clients. Throughout the duration of project's, she provides daily job site visits, assuring progression and overseeing construction work. Richelle guides the team through her unique vision for Interior Design with a cohesive combination of space planning, color theory, home design trends, coordinating, sales, home real estate knowledge, estimating and budgeting.

Jacqueline Asaeda-Ramirez

Assistant Designer and Project Coordinator

Jacqueline Asaeda-Ramirez is a young, artistic, and highly capable woman who is attending college at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in Los Angeles, CA.  She brings the attention to detail with her unique creativity and ability to intellectually communicate design. 

Jacqui is the future of Design. She is well educated of fundamentals within the design industry, where she is able to collaborate concepts and potential in any given space.