R and R Design- Design and Build Team——from start to finish, specializing in garage conversions... convert your extra garage space into a legal dwelling! The LA housing crisis is real and the city is almost giving away permits to convert! Plus who doesn’t want additional rental income?! A true investment!!! We have an amazing architect and design & build team ready!!!


The average ADU can cost from $55k-$160k usually. In #LA a rental space between 400-1,100 sq ft can rent from $1,300-$3,000 for a brand new build. This rent can pay your build cost off in 2-5 years usually, leaving you unlimited rental income revenue sooner than you know, ultimately creating an extra income for you! Another huge plus is it will boost your home value instantly which = more home equity on top of it all! #whywouldntyou? Have an extra permited garage or Rec. Room??? #getcreative #getsmart #aduspecialists

We get your drawings going with our in house architect, city permits and fees completely handled by us, design of the space and full build... #fullservice leaving you stress free! #restandrelax while we #designandbuild your dreams☁️💫 #losfeliz #atwater #elysianvalley #franklinhills #echopark #losangeles #fullservice #designandbuild #OneStopShop

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